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    Tuesday, June 17th, 2014
    8:56 pm
    Wednesday, May 28th, 2014
    11:17 pm
    Cool girl from Tumblr -- barely (no pun intended!) able to post her, but here's hoping!
    I'm only able to post on here via my balky little BlackBerry -- until I figure out what's up with my on-line access from my laptop. I just saw a cute shot over on my Tumblr, though, and wanted at least to share it with you lovely (albeit a bit "distant," given the problem) readers --

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    Tuesday, April 8th, 2014
    10:11 am
    WTF Microsoft?
    Yesterday I ran into a snag when I was backing up fles from the C drive to the D drive. The system got horribly slow and weird things were happening in the program I was using (Beyond Compare. I finlly tracked it down to one directory that had some insane number of 8192 byte files in it.

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware\Scans\History\Results

    Doing "Properties" for the directory got me the following.

    Size: 4.59 GB (4.937,111,896 bytes)
    Size on disk: 5.43 GB (5.836,144,640 bytes)
    Contains: 603,044 files, 0 folder

    That's right. Somebody at MS thought it was a good idea to put over half a *million* 8k files in a *single* directory.

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    Sunday, December 22nd, 2013
    12:04 am
    I'm a lesbian who is wholeheartedly bi-friendly (unlike some in the lezzie world, I'm sorry to say). I'm in an LTR. As for poly, I'm likewise sympathetic to people working on any sort of appropriate relationship. (Barring only those involving minors, animals, or significant non-consent*...) I wish I'd been able to try multiple concurrent partners when I was younger, but my sig-other is utterly opposed to it. I also have good Wiccan and geek friends.

    I've been on LJ for 8 years, and appreciate the sorts of access to kindred spirits it affords. I'm proud to say my LJ has become a playful, intelligent and sexy place. Oh, and I have several other sex-blogs: (lots of lezzie stuff but not hard porn) and (which is softer -- romantic, fashion, art). Tumblr lets me explore erotic photography to my heart's content.

    I also prowl Flickr for femmie photos that I can reblog to my LJ, ALWAYS with the member's consent. Flickr used to be a lot more blog-friendly, but they nowadays aggressively push self-censorship for most erotica. Tried PhotoBucket but didn't much like it. Oh, GOTTA mention a terrific LJ photographer, scottchurch, who has a unique (in my LJ experience) "share" button on his deliciously naughty photos -- and doesn't want shot-by-shot consent.

    Thanks, Justine


    * I'm aware of the complications of "consensual non-consent" (partners who consciously agree NOT to take "no" for an answer -- hopefully they at least have "safe words"), but I do worry about the occasional abusive dom/domme. I've had submissive LJ friends who were horribly mistreated, defrauded, hurt, etc. -- and sometimes interventions are needful.

    Current Mood: flirty
    Friday, October 18th, 2013
    8:08 am

    unique kind of problem I have...
    suburban housewife, former schoolteacher recovering from burnout. fortunate that spouse is willing to support us while I recover from that and find a new path making art and jewelry.


    problem: me spending money on things for just me are causing him to Feel Some Feelings, especially since I am bringing in zero dollars right now.


    Him actually being willing to share that he is Feeling Feelings about this, actually is progress. The sad part though is that the two primary expenditures that give me great pleasure, are my gym membership and time with my trainer (which does cost extra on top of the membership)  and dates with my boyfriend.


    I derive a real and concrete benefit from both those things.


    I don't know if this, the money question, is the root cause of his Feelings (which are less precise and less strong than the Usual Suspects of jealousy and envy) or if is is just the part he's able to identify and speak about.


    and as the suburban housewife, it is hard to find someone I trust, to talk about all this with. I Feel Feelings about not having work, about dumping my problems when they feel so trivial on any of my friends (some of whom are literally struggling to pay rent and buy food, or are coping with deaths in the family)...


    My Struggle ... Is. Is something I need to grapple with. I need to feel worthy enough to seek out challenging jobs that pay instead of strictly volunteering. I need to pay my rent on the planet somehow. I need to contribute, meaningfully, in my home, in my marriage, and in the rest of my community. I need to figure out how to balance my relationships, or if I can. and I need to start finding another way to finance the trainer. I need to keep working with her, I feel strong and healthy and capable for the first time in years.




    thanks for listening.

    Thursday, August 29th, 2013
    11:58 am
    Blog article on Polyamory
    A friend posted this on her Facebook feed this morning. What do you all think about it?

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    Saturday, August 17th, 2013
    11:51 am
    What is Love?
    (Baby don't hurt me.. no mo')

    As I previously stated in my prior journal entry, I am a writer/roleplayer with a poly character. So I apologize if some of these are stupid questions, but I'm trying to make a realistic character and there are a few points I wish to know more about. Thank you in advance! Maybe I can even liven up this forum too. :)

    Navigating Relationships
    I guess my first question would be something along the lines of this: How do you deal with jealousy? In most cases you can't be with two people at once while on a date. Folks have to 'share.' How do you deal with that 'second or third wheel' syndrome?

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    Friday, August 16th, 2013
    11:02 pm
    New Wisconsin Group!
    News from 521: Wisconsin's Bisexual/Pansexual Advocacy Group

    521 moves officially into outreach and activism! We're recruiting bisexuals, pansexuals and their allies for: a Bi/Pan Speakers Bureau, Youth Outreach efforts, Pride Event planning, and fabulous social events. We'll also be planning efforts to recruit people in other parts of Wisconsin - Milwaukee! Green Bay! La Crosse! Superior! Oshkosh! Eau Claire! and many more!

    521 is a Wisconsin non-profit organization dedicated to creating a state-wide response to the issues facing non-monosexual individuals. We aim to provide a sense of community among members, educate organizations that serve non-monosexual individuals on how to best address our needs, and provide support to those who may be subject to erasure in both straight and LG communities. or
    Tuesday, August 13th, 2013
    12:30 pm
    Hi, Everyone!
    Hi, everyone. I'm new to this community! I was referred here by blaisepascal who is one of my LJ friends. I'm Bi, poly-friendly (but not myself), pagan, geeky (I play WoW and a few other games. as well as DnD etc, read manga/ watch anime, etc) Hopefully that will suit for an introduction?

    I am a roleplayer/writer, and I have created a character who is poly. But I am not in real life, so it's been an interesting experience so far. I wanted to create a character that was respectful and true to the poly lifestyle as I expand her story. So I came here to ask for help! I hope that is alright!

    Anyways, I look forward to hanging out with you guys and hope this post is ok.

    Thanks so much!


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    Sunday, June 30th, 2013
    6:36 pm
    Fulfilling a pact
    My friend Amy, whom I have named Zahvahshlyn Kusahndjiirah Kiinbahn when she requested a new name, had no job. A week ago, she interviewed for a job. She welcomed prayers and so I made a pact with Djao'Kain (my main deity) and Kusahnjijahn - my deity of science and commerce. The pact was that if they got her the job she was interviewing for, that I would acknowledge their help in as many relevant blogs as possible, to spread their names about, because attention is the food of the gods.

    So thank you, Djao'Kain and Kusahnjijahn, for Your assistance. Thank You both for doing this for my friend, whom I named "Strong Prosperous Intelligent Person" in the TPNN language. Sahn-kia, Koh Soh La Kohrain.
    Tuesday, February 26th, 2013
    4:20 am
    Comic thoughts
    Now I could be wrong but this does seem like the place to present this thought.

    With the same healing factor as Logan wouldn't Lady Death Strike's hymen regenerate after sex? She would be functionally a virgin everytime no matter how many times she screwed.
    This would hold true for any woman with that power.
    Tuesday, December 4th, 2012
    1:16 am
    More on "What Part Of Bisexual Don't You Understand?"
    Whenever (some) content providers are feeling lazy but need to (1) turn in some sort of promised work product on something ASAP and (2) want to up their hit-count without bothering to do anything original or useful there is nothing like dragging out the the old (completely false ... but who really cares? because do bisexual people even exist?) tired tropes about bisexuality.

    Read more...Collapse )

    Source: HuffPo: Bisexuality: Is It Fun, Non Committal or Just Plain Greedy? then We're Not Bicurious - We're Bifurious! + What Part Of 'Bisexual' Don't You Understand?,   LipstickLori: Bisexuality: Myths and lazy journalism,   Bi Radical, Whipping Girl, Eponymous Fliponymous,   Closets and Criticisms of LGBT Research (Part 1) (Part 2)

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    Monday, November 26th, 2012
    9:43 am
    Pervy Lit Desires Your Erotic Stories
    Pervy Lit is The New Literary Showcase for Writers of Erotic Fiction.

    Feel Free to post any and all fan fic pairings and original sensual stories.

    All sexual orientations are welcome and encouraged at Pervy Lit.

    Join us! We adore our Writers and our Readers!

    Feed Your Desire At Pervy Lit
    Please Read our Rules Before Submitting a Story

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    Sunday, October 21st, 2012
    4:14 pm
    silly idea
    Thinking about stuff I wish I could do for an upcoming con (Orycon) I was reminded of an old idea I'd had that might actually be practical now.

    Basic idea is an English-to-English "translator".

    The idea is to combine a speech-to-text routine with a text-to-speech one. So you say something into the mike inside your "mask" and it gets conveted to text and then the text gets converted back to speech and output thru the speaker of your "translator".

    The idea being that you *want* the ambiguities and errors, so as to give the feel of something actually translating from an alien language. Complete with weird/silly errors.

    No way am I up to doing this, but I thought I'd throw it out for folks who might be up to it so they can add some extra flavor to hall costumes.
    Sunday, October 7th, 2012
    8:03 pm
    Polyamory in the News: roundup time again
    Activists throw the biggest poly convention anywhere yet. A major newspaper analyzes the poly movement at length for a million readers. And read all about the first polyamory-themed series on mainstream TV, with the community’s strong and divergent reactions to it.

    If you haven’t kept up with POLYAMORY IN THE NEWS in the last four months (or subscribed by the LJ friends feed or other feed), here is some of what you missed:

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    Monday, September 10th, 2012
    1:53 am
    BiNet USA Wins Over Google in Search Term Dispute
    After a campaign by BiNet USA and bisexuals worldwide, Google has removed “bisexual” from its list of banned words.

    Los Angeles CA, September 4th 2012 - BiNet USA is pleased to confirm that Google Inc. has unblocked the term bisexual from its search algorithm. Now that “bisexual” is allowed, terms such as bisexual quotes, bisexual rights, and bisexual parenting are automatically suggested to Google users.

    Said National Center for Lesbian Rights Executive Director Kate Kendell, 'We thank Google for making the right call here and for acting as a responsive corporate citizen committed to dignity and equality.'Collapse )

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    Source: BiNet USA, BiMagazine, BiMedia

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    Sunday, September 2nd, 2012
    9:05 am
    Poly in the News: "A Brazil Triad's Paperwork Explodes Worldwide"
    ...With a hilarious Chinese TV news animation on the evolving poly possibilities in marriage:


    Alan M.
    Saturday, September 1st, 2012
    3:33 pm
    Civil union granted to a trio in Brazil
    Brazilian public notary Claudia do Nascimento Domingues set off a firestorm by granting Brazil's first civil union to a trio, an act so unprecedented that there isn't a word for it in Portuguese.

    Uniao poliafetiva is the label she created. "Polyfidelitous union" is her best guess in English.

    The relationship involves three professionals in their 30s -- one man and two women -- who, she says, live together, love one another as equals and are like any other non-married cohabiting couple -- except they are three.

    Full article text behind cutCollapse )

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    Thursday, August 9th, 2012
    12:09 am
    Pathfinder tarot
    Has anyone else used the Harrow deck from Pathfinder for divination? What do you think of it?
    Sunday, August 5th, 2012
    9:17 am
    Any recommendations for a firewall for Windoze? The one I'd been using decided that they had to expand to a combo package that integrates Firewall & anti-virus. I've got an AV I'm perfectly happy with (F-prot).

    I'm currently limping along with the freebie Norton package I can get as a Comcast subscriber, but it's just too annoying for words. Not only does it *not* let my turn off the AV part of the package, but when it runs the "background scans" (which, as I said, can't be turned off) it *ignores* the exclusuions I set. So it keeps reporting stuff as "needing action". Including files from a drive that's no longer in the system. Grr.

    So, I need a free/cheap firewall program that *doesn't* include anything else. Windows built-in firewall is not remotely trustworthy in my opinion. Mostly because when I switched to the one I was using, I found out how often Windows was "phoning home" without letting me know what was going on.
    Anyway, I need somethiing that will work with XP (and Win2k if possible, for an older box I've got).

    And working with Win 7 when I get a new box, would be a plus as well.
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