Shadow/Brooke (kengr) wrote in bipolypagangeek,

silly idea

Thinking about stuff I wish I could do for an upcoming con (Orycon) I was reminded of an old idea I'd had that might actually be practical now.

Basic idea is an English-to-English "translator".

The idea is to combine a speech-to-text routine with a text-to-speech one. So you say something into the mike inside your "mask" and it gets conveted to text and then the text gets converted back to speech and output thru the speaker of your "translator".

The idea being that you *want* the ambiguities and errors, so as to give the feel of something actually translating from an alien language. Complete with weird/silly errors.

No way am I up to doing this, but I thought I'd throw it out for folks who might be up to it so they can add some extra flavor to hall costumes.
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