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I'm a lesbian who is wholeheartedly bi-friendly (unlike some in the lezzie world, I'm sorry to say). I'm in an LTR. As for poly, I'm likewise sympathetic to people working on any sort of appropriate relationship. (Barring only those involving minors, animals, or significant non-consent*...) I wish I'd been able to try multiple concurrent partners when I was younger, but my sig-other is utterly opposed to it. I also have good Wiccan and geek friends.

I've been on LJ for 8 years, and appreciate the sorts of access to kindred spirits it affords. I'm proud to say my LJ has become a playful, intelligent and sexy place. Oh, and I have several other sex-blogs: ultradevi.tumblr.com (lots of lezzie stuff but not hard porn) and ultradevi2.tumblr.com (which is softer -- romantic, fashion, art). Tumblr lets me explore erotic photography to my heart's content.

I also prowl Flickr for femmie photos that I can reblog to my LJ, ALWAYS with the member's consent. Flickr used to be a lot more blog-friendly, but they nowadays aggressively push self-censorship for most erotica. Tried PhotoBucket but didn't much like it. Oh, GOTTA mention a terrific LJ photographer, scottchurch, who has a unique (in my LJ experience) "share" button on his deliciously naughty photos -- and doesn't want shot-by-shot consent.

Thanks, Justine


* I'm aware of the complications of "consensual non-consent" (partners who consciously agree NOT to take "no" for an answer -- hopefully they at least have "safe words"), but I do worry about the occasional abusive dom/domme. I've had submissive LJ friends who were horribly mistreated, defrauded, hurt, etc. -- and sometimes interventions are needful.
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