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car computer

Anybody know just what sort of data you can pull off the "diagnostic" port on a modern car?

What I'm wondering is if a simple computer plugged into it could get real-time data. Turn signals, brakes, speed, gear...

What I'm thinking about is a goizmo like I've seen in a few stories. Basically the sub is wired up with vibrators, e-stime gizmos or whatever and what gets stimulated (and how stronly) is controlled by the data.

Say speed & gear for strength, with brakes and turn signals giving special attention to select places.

I'm sure it could be done by wiring into the lighting circuits for some of it. But gears & speed are likely to be tricky.

I'm hoping that you could just plug into the port and get the data (it'd make the gizmo more universal as well)

Cool girl from Tumblr -- barely (no pun intended!) able to post her, but here's hoping!

I'm only able to post on here via my balky little BlackBerry -- until I figure out what's up with my on-line access from my laptop. I just saw a cute shot over on my Tumblr, though, and wanted at least to share it with you lovely (albeit a bit "distant," given the problem) readers --

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WTF Microsoft?

Yesterday I ran into a snag when I was backing up fles from the C drive to the D drive. The system got horribly slow and weird things were happening in the program I was using (Beyond Compare. I finlly tracked it down to one directory that had some insane number of 8192 byte files in it.

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware\Scans\History\Results

Doing "Properties" for the directory got me the following.

Size: 4.59 GB (4.937,111,896 bytes)
Size on disk: 5.43 GB (5.836,144,640 bytes)
Contains: 603,044 files, 0 folder

That's right. Somebody at MS thought it was a good idea to put over half a *million* 8k files in a *single* directory.
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I'm a lesbian who is wholeheartedly bi-friendly (unlike some in the lezzie world, I'm sorry to say). I'm in an LTR. As for poly, I'm likewise sympathetic to people working on any sort of appropriate relationship. (Barring only those involving minors, animals, or significant non-consent*...) I wish I'd been able to try multiple concurrent partners when I was younger, but my sig-other is utterly opposed to it. I also have good Wiccan and geek friends.

I've been on LJ for 8 years, and appreciate the sorts of access to kindred spirits it affords. I'm proud to say my LJ has become a playful, intelligent and sexy place. Oh, and I have several other sex-blogs: (lots of lezzie stuff but not hard porn) and (which is softer -- romantic, fashion, art). Tumblr lets me explore erotic photography to my heart's content.

I also prowl Flickr for femmie photos that I can reblog to my LJ, ALWAYS with the member's consent. Flickr used to be a lot more blog-friendly, but they nowadays aggressively push self-censorship for most erotica. Tried PhotoBucket but didn't much like it. Oh, GOTTA mention a terrific LJ photographer, scottchurch, who has a unique (in my LJ experience) "share" button on his deliciously naughty photos -- and doesn't want shot-by-shot consent.

Thanks, Justine


* I'm aware of the complications of "consensual non-consent" (partners who consciously agree NOT to take "no" for an answer -- hopefully they at least have "safe words"), but I do worry about the occasional abusive dom/domme. I've had submissive LJ friends who were horribly mistreated, defrauded, hurt, etc. -- and sometimes interventions are needful.
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unique kind of problem I have...
suburban housewife, former schoolteacher recovering from burnout. fortunate that spouse is willing to support us while I recover from that and find a new path making art and jewelry.


problem: me spending money on things for just me are causing him to Feel Some Feelings, especially since I am bringing in zero dollars right now.


Him actually being willing to share that he is Feeling Feelings about this, actually is progress. The sad part though is that the two primary expenditures that give me great pleasure, are my gym membership and time with my trainer (which does cost extra on top of the membership)  and dates with my boyfriend.


I derive a real and concrete benefit from both those things.


I don't know if this, the money question, is the root cause of his Feelings (which are less precise and less strong than the Usual Suspects of jealousy and envy) or if is is just the part he's able to identify and speak about.


and as the suburban housewife, it is hard to find someone I trust, to talk about all this with. I Feel Feelings about not having work, about dumping my problems when they feel so trivial on any of my friends (some of whom are literally struggling to pay rent and buy food, or are coping with deaths in the family)...


My Struggle ... Is. Is something I need to grapple with. I need to feel worthy enough to seek out challenging jobs that pay instead of strictly volunteering. I need to pay my rent on the planet somehow. I need to contribute, meaningfully, in my home, in my marriage, and in the rest of my community. I need to figure out how to balance my relationships, or if I can. and I need to start finding another way to finance the trainer. I need to keep working with her, I feel strong and healthy and capable for the first time in years.




thanks for listening.