Shadow/Brooke (kengr) wrote in bipolypagangeek,

car computer

Anybody know just what sort of data you can pull off the "diagnostic" port on a modern car?

What I'm wondering is if a simple computer plugged into it could get real-time data. Turn signals, brakes, speed, gear...

What I'm thinking about is a goizmo like I've seen in a few stories. Basically the sub is wired up with vibrators, e-stime gizmos or whatever and what gets stimulated (and how stronly) is controlled by the data.

Say speed & gear for strength, with brakes and turn signals giving special attention to select places.

I'm sure it could be done by wiring into the lighting circuits for some of it. But gears & speed are likely to be tricky.

I'm hoping that you could just plug into the port and get the data (it'd make the gizmo more universal as well)
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