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bisexuality, polyamory, kink, gaming, paganism, geek culture
This is a community for bi poly kinky pagan gamer geeks! (I couldn't fit all of that into the username.) I originally created this community so I could find more people to date. And it worked. (;

Are you bisexual/pansexual/sapiosexual? Are you polyamorous? Are you into some sort of sexual kink (e.g. BDSM)? Are you pagan? Do you like board games, computer games, or RPGs? Are you a geek of some sort -- for instance, a computer geek, a math geek, or a book geek? If so, congratulations! You've found a bunch of other freaks like you! (:

There are hundreds of us! Let's all join this community, if only to show our freakish solidarity. (; Upon joining, it's traditional to post an introduction explaining how you found the community (because we're dreadfully curious!) and a little bit about yourself. A popular framework for the intro post is your location, gender (if any), and your thoughts on how you fit in (or don't) with the six overlapping circles that intersect to form this community. 18 and older only, please.

Nobody's going to kick you out if you fudge the definitions a little, or if you're a 5-out-of-6er, as long as you're the-sixth-one-friendly. Be welcome. (:

Here's a map and a table of where everyone is from, but the table is stale and needs to be updated. You can add yourself to the map, though! (:

Community guidelines:
1. *All* pictures, videos, and any NSFW text must be put behind an lj-cut.
2. If something is location-specific, please note the location in the subject line.

3. Do a little dance.
4. Make a little love.
5. Get down tonight!
6. Steal underpants
7. ???
8. Profit!
9. There is no #9!
11. What happened to 10?
12. Open package.
13. Eat peanuts.
10. Ahh, there it is.
14. The 17th of every month is hereby declared to be Give Shiny Things To Weasels Day!
15. Shoot the wizard first.
16. Please don't delete posts or comments when you don't like the answers you get. Talk to a moderator instead of bursting into deletion.
17. Advertisements for sites, events and merchandise directly related to community interests are ok, but again, please lj-cut. The mods' decision as to what is spam is final.

18. Anyone seeing flames or other inappropriate behavior or content, please contact bifemmefatale@livejournal.com or ubiquity@livejournal.com with a link to the thread. We try to keep it copacetic around here.
19. The cake is real.

See also bppgsonwow for our WoW guild, and bppggwithspawn for members with kids.

ubiquity is the community founder, ubiquity and liminalia are the moderators, and beetiger made the cool icon. (:
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